OsloMet only collect information that is necessary or required by law to carry out our tasks. This mean that we collect, store and use personal data in connection with purchases in this webshop. The only data collected and saved is the personal data filled in by the buyer in the purchase process.


Who is responsible for GDPR compliance for

OsloMet is responsible for processing personal data in connection with registration for conferences or other purchases in the webshop.


What is the user’s personal information for?

The personal data is used for participant lists for seminars and are stored for at least 5 years pursuant to section 13 of the Accounting Act.


Is the information provided to third parties?

The information is not shared with third parties unless it is directly related to the intended purpose, including the delivery of the conference / service / product.


How to delete and archive the information?

All interrupted attempts for payments are stored for at least 1 year and will then be deleted. Archiving of the personal data provided by completed purchases or entries is stored for at least 5 years pursuant to section 13 of the Accounting Act. 


Which rights do the registered and which country’s legislation apply.

Users have the right to request OsloMet for a limitation in the processing of their personal data. This include anonymizing the information that is registered Personal data cannot simply be deleted as they are linked to a financial transaction that OsloMet is required to keep for 5 years.

OsloMet processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the Privacy Regulation (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation).


Can the given consent be withdrawn?

Users do not have the right to withdraw their consent, but may request personal data to be made anonymized.


How to Complain to a Supervisory Authority?

The Privacy Policy shall protect individuals from personal data being processed in a manner that violates their privacy. If you have experienced something that you believe is a violation of the regulations, you can complain by sending a written request to The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.